Saturday, January 09, 2010

You'll Never Walk Alone

Day 6 of my Runners World SMART Coach schedule was a repeat of yesterday another easy 5 mile run at 9.20 mile pace. I found today harder than yesterday  though partly as I was feeling a little tired but also because overnight we have had another 5 cm of snow.
  Running this morning required a higher lift of the legs to go forward because of the depth of the new snow.This morning as I ran it again snowed heavily for a while and visability became quite poor for a time.  Sledges which for many years have really been "white elephants" only coming out for the odd day in Suffolk are actually getting a proper use this year.

On the ipod this morning I listened to the 'A Mile with Me' podcast episode 35 which had a focus on Antarctica which was very apt. What was great to hear and was inspiring when I most needed it most was the Celtic fans singing You'll Never Walk Alone.

If you are not familar with it you can find out more about the history and tradition here , these are the words  - When you walk,through a storm hold your head, up high and don't be afraid, of the dark At the end,of the storm,is a golden sky and the sweet silver song,of lark. Walk on, through the wind walk on, ... Video below

My time today for the 5 miles was 45.44. Mile splits were 9.05,8.52,8.55,9.16 and 9.32.

Fitted in my 100 push ups programme where I have reached day 2 of week 4. Today I did 25,29,25,25 and 41. My 41 was enough for me to take the lead in the push up championship at home until my son Tom has a go when I am sure he will regain the title.

Also went to see Avatar today and wore the 3D glasses over my own glasses which was ok . Verdict good film well worth watching. It has already taken 1.2 billion dollars world wide and is set to overcome Titanic. Rather than being a very alien film the storey line is very much an every day occurence of nature versus profit. You don't need to go to Pandora as the storey is happening some where in the world all the time where tropical rainforests and native people are ousted by giant corporations or desperate locals wanting the land for farming. Although a lengthy film the time passed quickly and I would be happy to watch again  I give it an 8 out of 10

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