Sunday, January 03, 2010

100 Push Ups Programme


I have just started week 3 of the push ups programme and I am little better than when I began. My initial exhaustion test ( how many good push ups you can do ) resulted in 16.

Last night I did my 5 sets training programme which included 14, 18, 14,14 and a final set of 25 making a total of 85. I allowed a 2-3 rest in between sets.

My aim is to train through week 3 before I have another assault on the world record in our house which is currently held by my son Tom (who is not doing any training ) with 40! My best is currently 36 so perhaps next week end ?

1 comment:

  1. The more you do and the more often you do pushups, the better you get. I have been doing the same thing. It's really something. My achievement in highschool was 125. Good luck and success with your pushups.


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