Sunday, January 24, 2010

11 Mile Run to Bradfield St Clare Suffolk

Sunday morning was dry a little misty and grey as I set out to do my longest run of the year. My Runners World SMART Coach schedule called for an 11 mile run which is the longest distance I have run since May 25th 2009 so was a real challenge to test how my general fitness and the running schedule I am following is working.

I am glad to say I completed the out and back run with good stamina. I do stop briefly during long and slow runs to take photos and to change the IPOD but today was good as I felt able to carry on and didn't have the same desire to walk that I have had in some longer runs towards the end.

It being an 11 mile run I am starting to think about taking a little fuel on the run. I hardly ever take water with me , perhaps I should but hate carrying it. I might have to look at options to make carrying a drink with me easier.

I did take 3-4 jelly beans with me today though these were not the sports beans that you can buy. Again I have meant to have a look at trying sports jely beans but haven't got round to it .
A  little water would help to wash the jelly beans down as they can stick to your teeth somewhat!

My run today took me out of Bury St Edmunds along the pathway besides the A134. About 4 miles into the run I went through the village of Sicklemere and then Little Whelnethum. The 5.5 mile half way point was reached at the village of Bradfield St Clare and I returned home on the same route.

The photo of the stream is along the aptly named Water Lane at Lt Whelnethum.

The Burns Night Poster is in the village of Sicklesmere.

The last mile has 2 large hills and my time shows that I slowed at this point. I felt pretty good up to around 10 miles.

Splits were 8.53,8.58,9.07,8.53,8.52,8.39,8.22,8.38,8.45,8.45,9.40

11 miles in 1.37.38  this represents my longest run of the year and of course a 2010 record for me over the 11 mile distance! It being the only one I have done.

So I have reached the end of week 3 of my half marathon training and apart from a little niggle occasionally on the outside of my left knee all is well. In week 2 I suffered from 2-3 blisters as my feet toughen up to all the pounding they are getting. Do you pop your blisters? Not sure if you should but I do it just seems to relieve some of the pressure from a blister. Lovely subject but inevitable I guess if you run distance or races.

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