Monday, January 11, 2010

Horsecroft Suffolk

I started the 2nd week of my Runners World SMART Coach schedule with an easy 6 mile run again at 9.20 mile pace. At lunch time when I ran it snowed persistantly for the whole hour that I was out on the run to the point where I was better off without my glasses.

The road I chose was probably not sensible. It was fine in being quite with little traffic but being a minor road the snow added to the previous layer and it made for a slippery but very enjoyable run.

My time for the 6 miles was 9.09, 9.44, 9.29, 8.48, 8.18 and 9.09. The times reflect the fact that I was generally running up hill on the way out and downhill on the way back. Mile 2 being the biggest hill climb and mile 5 being the reverse running down that same hill.

I also continued with my 100 push ups programme where I am on week 4 day 3 which consisted of 5 sets of 29, 33, 29, 29 and a final 40. My son Tom reclaimed  the world record in our house when he trotted out 60 in one go beating my record of 41 by a country mile!


  1. Sounds like a good run. You mentioned slippery. Have you seen the youtube videos of screwing your shoes? Instead of using yak traks and such. Its the cheaper alternative. I might try that next year. I decided to wait till next year to get out in the cold more, when my base is developed solidly. 41 pushups. I am en route to start that program. Now, I am doing 5 sets of 10 just to get going I started that a week ago. Have a good one. Enjoyed the post.

  2. Great job on your slippery run!

  3. Thanks Kenley and Tricia for your comments.

    By coincidence I just heard about the screw in the shoe idea on the Four Feet Running Podcast. They reckon that when you remove the screw your show pretty much goes back to normal though with the cost of these things I am not sure I would dare. May be on an old pair.


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