Thursday, January 21, 2010

Exhaustion Test week 5 for the hundred pushups

Today is another rest day from running after yesterdays tempo run. Tonight I did my exhaustion test at the end of week 5 of the hundred pushups training programme.

Basically the exhaustion test is to test yourself to do as many pushups as you can safely. At my absoloute limit I did 51 which is a new record for me.

I now start week 6 training in a couple of days and the number of push ups again increases. I may have to start repeating a week or two before I can advance with the aim of doing 100


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  2. 51! Wow! Today is my 3rd day of the first week. I have to thank you for showing me this link. It is just awesome. Just like running, you are building up your endurance in strength. It has also helped my running tremendously. Great Job. I am doing mine with the "perfect pushup". I think I can do more regularly but I want to challenge myself farther. You will be up to 100 soon. Keep it up!!!!!!!!


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