Thursday, January 07, 2010

One Hundred Push Ups Programme


I have just started week 4 of the hundred push ups programme.

Today  I did my 5 sets training programme which included 21, 25, 21,21 and a final set of 35 making a total of 123. I allowed a 1-2 minue  rest in between sets.

My aim is to train through week 4 before I have another assault on the world record in our house which is currently held by my son Tom (who has now admitted to doing some secret  training and has recently achieved 56 ) with 40! My best is currently 36 so we are both likely to improve our records

This is day 4 of my 11 week  Runners World Smart Coach Schedule which calls for another rest day. Just as well really as we have had a further heavy snow fall in Suffolk and the temperature is 22f or about -5C at the moment.


  1. Keep it up with the pushups. I am not following that program, but am doing them none the less. Now, I do 5 sets of 8, with the perfect pushup. I love it. This is my first week of really doing that hard core. Another rest day huh? Hope you enjoy the rest as the snow comes and the temps drop. Have a good one. Enjoyed your post. Keep it up.

  2. Thanks Kenley good to here you are also doing the pushups. As a training week so far it has been rather restful but this won't last!


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