Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Day 2 of 77 of the Runners World Smart Coach Schedule

Day 2 of my 11 week half marathon schedule called for a rest day. I can do that and to be fair I have just completed day 3 , week 3 of the push ups programme. Tonight I did 5 sets of push ups which included sets of 22, 30 , 20, 20 followed by a final set of 30 . Grand total of 122 for the 5 sets though don't think I could do much more than what I am doing in one set at the moment.

My schedule really begins to get going tomorrow night with a tempo run weather allowing. Tempo runs were absent from my training last year so I am really looking forward to this at the moment. According to Toby Tanser tempo runs are the single most important session you can do to improve your speed for any race distance. Interesting to me is the view from Tanser that tempo runs trump track sessions for the longer distance runner as it obviously trains your body to sustain speed over distance.

I would normally attend a track session once or twice a week but will cut this back to perhaps just the one for the period of this schedule. It would seem that tempo running is more important than speedwork for the half and full marathon

What is a tempo run? From what I have read it is a comfortably hard run for 2-4 miles. It is not race pace but if you could you would slow down. A good easy warm up and cool down with the tempo run being the meat in the sandwich.

An interesting site on Toby Tanser and his work can be found here

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