Sunday, January 10, 2010

Risby Suffolk


The end of my 1st week of the Runners World SMART coach schedule called for a long run of 10 miles at a 9.20 mile pace.

Where to run? With the current snowy conditions  I am happy to run 5 miles up and down the same piece of road or in a park but didn't fancy doing the same for a long run.

Luckily over night there ws no more snow and there had been something of a thaw. It being a Sunday morning and very little traffic I ventured out running on the minor roads to Risby in Suffolk. As can be seen from the photo the roads were partially clear. I was able to run around two thirds of the way on the roads and switched back to the snowy paths and pavements when traffic approached.

I ran out 5 miles to my turning point just beyond the Highwayman's Vineyard.  
This is now a bed and breakfast .

My time for the 10 miles was 1 hr 29 mins 06 seconds mile splits 8.52,8.53,9.18,8.39,8.51,9.04,9.11,8.51,9.00 and 8.27

My pace was fairly consistent throughout and I was able to complete week 1 for a total of 31 miles. For the last mile I put in some extra effort and I switched from the Phedippidations podcast ( Steve Runner talking about his ambition to run a marathon in under 4 hours) to the Lillingtons The Too Late Show which always gives me a boost to run a little quicker.

Having completed Week 1 of my schedule I recognise that on paper that this is the easiest week.  I am reasonably tired so I am going to have draw on reserves of energy. Another way to look at it is that Week 1 of a running schedule is one of the hardest because it is the first step out of the door which is the most mentally difficult especially in the current weather conditions.


  1. I'm running IE and the posting layout didn't fit my screen.... just a heads up. Keep up the blogging!
    My blog follows me and my family as we live in China.

  2. Great Job on getting out there and on your 10 miles run Paul. I am not training for anything so I am just running and getting acclimated to the snow. I am finding it rather fun. Great Job on also completing your first week of scheduled training. I must say that I envy your roads and trails. I guess I will have to hunt down some trails here in Dillsburg, PA. I love your idea of taking the camera along for memories and more. Always enjoying your posts,

  3. Thanks for your comments. Not being a technical guru not sure what I can do on the screen. You got me wandering if it is a problem for all ie users - I use firefox. Any one else having the same problem let me know or advise if there is a simple cure!


    Thanks for your comments glad you are enjoying your running inthe snow. I have heard of Dillsburg from the American Civil War but I guess you live in a farming/agricultural area of PA?

    Regards Paul


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