Friday, January 22, 2010

Six Mile in and around St Johns Street,Bury St Edmunds. Suffolk

Day 19 of the Runners World SMART Coach training plan in my bid to complete the Joe Cox Half Marathon at Stowmarket Suffolk on the 28th March 2010.

I am mainly aiming through the training schedule to build up my stamina and have a good base level of mileage . If this goes well then I can begin to add some faster quicker sessions perhaps in the Spring.

Today was a 6 miler at 9.20 pace.  It was dark and damp with steady rain .  I was a little unsure where to head towards but decided to run the pathways and roads around St Johns Street named after the church St John's the Evangelist.

Built in 1840 this Victorian gothic church is often described as a rocket ship or as Thunderbird 1. It's appearance is like an Apollo space ship waiting to take off.

St Johns Street runs steadily up hill and is the route followed into the centre of Bury St Edmunds if you are walking from the train station. It used to be on the route of the Bury 10. Running up this hill was the final challenge at about 9.5 miles.

Looking back on my splits for the 6 miles  I set off quickly though I didn't notice this at the time and then gradually slowed as I get progressively more soaked.

Splits were 8.17,8.39,8.54,8.40,9.09,9.07

Total 52.49


  1. Great Run Paul. Keep it up. Yes, the church does look like a space ship. Getting soaked on a run is not something I have experienced yet, but do not welcome it all too soon. 6 miles at a 9:20 pace seems to be something else. I know I can not wait to achieve that level of fitness. I know one thing, those pushups are really helping out a lot. Thanks for sharing that link a while back. I have included you in my recent post. Hope you dont mind.

  2. Thanks Kenley I saw your comments on your post and much appreciate. It is comments like these that make you get out of the door for a run when you are thinking twice. thanks for the motivation

    regards Paul


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