Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hundred Push Ups Programme Week 5

Today was a rest day from running after 4 consectutive training days however I did complete a core strength session of pushups. I am continuing with the 100 push ups programme and I have reached the end of week 5.

In week 5 the big difference is that the no of sets has increased from 5 to 8. On the last and 3rd set of the week my session tonight included 20, 20, 24,24,20,20,22 and then the final set called for a minimum of 50. I had started the 5th set and got to 15 when the phone rang. So I had to stop and it was a wrong number!. So should I have started from where I left off or start the set again? It wouldn't have felt right to split the set in two so I started again and just managed to get to 50 which is a new record for me. It certainly shows with practice that I can and I am sure anyone can improve their ability to do press ups.

Talking of running on consecutive days  you may have heard of Ron Hill. I believe he holds the record for having run at least a mile every day since 1964 over 45 years ago! He has logged over 150,000 miles. Of course Ron Hill is not your average runner having once been at the top of the world marathon standards back in 1970. He lowered the record for the notoriously tough Boston race by three minutes to 2:10:30 in April that year and three months later at the Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh he did 2:09:28, the first sub 2:10 marathon.

For 26.2 years he ran twice a day and once on Sundays. You can catch up with Ron Hill's blog here 

I don't believe there is a Running streak association in the UK but in the USA there is a site listing runners who have run every day. The United States Running Streak Association indicates  the US record  to be held by a Mark Covert since 1968


  1. I dont understand that first comment, but anyways, great job on the pushups. My whole upper body was ugghh, but felt great you know the day after the first work out. I felt the burn, and made sure I stretch. I did not know all of that info, thanks for sharing. Have a good one. Hope to see some photos of some trails soon. hint hint.

  2. Thanks for both of your comments

    the quotation is from Shakespeare basically meaning there is an explanation for everything

    Agree with you Kenley press ups work a lot of the body muscles and you really do feel it. Sure you will come on leaps and bounds as well


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