Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Four Mile Tempo Run in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk

Day 17 of my Runners World SMART Coach Schedule. Wednesdays are tempo run days and tonight it was a repeat of the session I did 2 weeks previously.

The session called for 6 miles in total  1 mile warm up followed by 4 miles at 7.54 pace and then a one warm down. How did I do? I am happy with the session because It is a definite improvement on the same session two weeks previously. My splits were warm up of 1.07 miles in 9.24

followed by tempo miles four miles with no rests in between miles of 7.52,8.11,8.12 and 8.20  followed by warm down of 1.04 miles in 9.19

So the first mile was pretty much spot on what was required I then began to slow for each mile so I couldn't keep the consistency. However all the miles were quicker than 2 weeks ago when I ran 8.30, 8.44, 8.50 and 8.53 for the same course.

Too early to say if the training programme and push ups are working but perhaps some green shoots of recovery are beginning to blossom I hope though never count your chickens before they hatch . Hows that for a cliche filled sentence!


  1. Yeah, I did my "tempo run" today, too. I started with one slow tempo, kept that same tempo throughout the run, and finished with what was probably a slightly slower tempo. As the saying (cliche!) goes, I have three speeds--slow, slower, and slowest. :-)

  2. Hiya, Jem's training for the marathon is going well. He did a 13 mile run tonight which he managed okay, he just seized up after though which is a worry!...

  3. Thanks Revrunner At my age I only seem to get slower!

  4. Thanks Shopaholic. Impressed that Jem is already running 13 miles in training should set him up nicely for the London Marathon.

    I think it is fairly normal to seize up a bit like the Tinman after a long run until you get used to running long distances on a regular weeekly basis

    Worth trying the Body Shop Simply Purify range this feels good after a long run


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