Friday, January 15, 2010

Six Mile run at Moreton Hall Suffolk


This was day 12 of my Runners World SMART Coach schedule which called for an easy 6 miles at 9.20 mile pace.

The temperature  was up to 4c and the snow is really beginning to go replaced by rain. This was a run in the rain but for larger parts of the run the pavements were clear of snow until I ran up Symonds Road which was still very slushy. This is also an uphill section and I slowed to a 9.36 mile but it couldn't have been too slippery as I came down the hill in 8.21.

Mile splits were 8.31, 8.47, 9.36, 8.21, 8.41 and 9.01 for a total of 53 mins for 6 miles.

On the podcast I listened to the the latest episode of phedippidations talking about Spring Marathons and his acceptance into the Boston Marathon.

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