Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Snowman's lost his carrot

The slow thaw continues in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk and snowmen all over are shrinking and losing their eyes and in the case of this one at Fornham All Saints his carrot nose.

Although the roads are clear the pavements are a variety pack you just don;t know what you are going to get ice slush snow and clear sections. All of which meant that for my tempo run today I did a warm up in search of a fairly clear section of pavement which I found out at Fornham All Saints.

This was day 10 of my Runners World SMART Coach schedule which hopefully will gear me up for a crack at a half marathon at the end of March. Yesterday was a total rest day no running or push ups and I felt strangely inactive after 4 continuous days of running. Today called for a tempo run of 7 miles including a warm up 3 miles at 7.24 mile pace with half mile jogs in between before a warm down mile home.

How did I do?  Warm up of 1.73 miles in 15.08  Tempo miles in 8.11, 8.17,8.17  . I did the half mile jogs and then ran home 1.33 miles in 11.49 A total of 7.12 miles.

Ok again I was nowhere near doing my tempo runs in the pace suggested by the schedule I am just not in that condition and it was still slippery in places. However taking the positives from this my 4 tempo miles last week were between 8.30 and 8.53 so perhaps there has been some improvement. Perhaps I am increasing my anaerobic threshold or it was just less slippery than last week

Felt good today after my rest yesterday which was needed as I had been feeling a little pain on the outside of the knee. A sure sign of Iliotibial band syndrome. It didn't affect my running and I only felt pain by pressing it. But seemingly gone today though something to watch out for in the coming weeks. I have never had this before so not sure what may have caused it but I suspect overuse brought on by the sudden regular running in this training schedule, running on ice, overpronating which I do or running on hills which I do.

More grey snowy photos on this post. The church is All Saints at Fornham All Saints village. You can only just see that the snowman has lost his carrot.


  1. Lost his carrot. Oh no. lol. Great run. I know what you mean on the rest days. Sometimes, on the days that I dont run, I tend to get restless leg syndrom. I want to go, because that is what my body is use to. Be careful with the leg buddy. Have a good one.

  2. It seems like whenever I run too many hills on too regular basis I develop what I call "runner's knee", which I take to be much the same as Iliotibial band syndrome, and I've addressed it by both finding flatter trails to run on and walking the steepest grades on the hillier trails. It may be a complete coincidence that I've had less trouble since.

  3. Thanks for your comment Kenley I am hoping to avoid injury I always seem to be jinxed if I plan a training schedule!

  4. Thanks Revrunner

    I think you are right and when I consider it all my training routes tend to have hills. I also think I often run on cambered pavements which adds to the problem.

    Regards Paul


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