Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bury St Edmunds Suffolk - 5 Mile Wet and Windy Run


Day 13 of my Runners World SMART Coach schedule called for a 5 mile run at an easy 9.20 mile pace.

The snow has gone to be replaced by wind and rain today. I don't mind a little rain but running in the wind can be disconcerting one moment giving you extra propulsion and next moment stopping you in the tracks. However wouldn't it be boring if every day  was the same.

Running is about being prepared and being able to run in all weathers. In a race you can tuck in behind other runners and get the advantage of a wind shield. However this morning I was running on my own.

With a cold wind like this morning you need to continue to wear layers as the wind chill effect will penetrate and could lead to a chill or worse still grinding to a halt several miles from home. However wearing  tighter  fitting clothes is your best option to reduce resistance.

Running in the wind can lead you to tense up and start fighting against the wind for a training session its better to remain compact, lean slightly forward to reduce the amount of drag , accept the wind and don't fight it. If you keep a running diary be sure to note it was a windy day as your times are likely to be slower.

My run was circular today, if it had been an out and back I would have given more thought to the wind direction as it is always better in the cold to run out into the wind and come home with the wind behind you. On a warm windy day best to do the opposite.

From what I have read a10 mph headwind slows you down by about 8 percent. So running into the wind is a form of resistance training and it is totally free!  Hopefully by embracing the wind rather than avoiding it any training will pay dividends giving a mental edge if and when any races are windy.

As per usual I took my Casio Exilim EX-Z70 with me on the run.These two photos show a wet and windy market stall at Bury St Edmunds market. Normally this would be a bustling hive of activity with crowds of shoppers.

The other photo is the Cullum Road Water Meadows. The ice has thawed and there is some slight flooding.

I got my 5 mile run done with splits of 8.41, 8.55,9.06,8.48, and 9.16 for a time of 44.46 which was within the target time of 9.20 miles.

The 2nd week of my Runners World SMART Coach schedule has seen an increase in mileage overall from 31 to 34 miles. It is going to get a lot harder from now on so time will tell if I can stick to the plan.


  1. Just found your blog!! About the wind, we've been having an unusually windy winter. But I'm noticing that I run faster when I'm heading into the wind. I think I'm trying even harder than I need to and end up speeding up.

  2. Denise thanks for stopping by. Maybe it's practice makes perfect as you say we have had plenty of wind. It must give you great confidence to run faster into the wind.


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