Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hundred Push Ups Programme - Exhaustion Test

Today was a rest day from running however I did complete a core strength session of pushups. I am continuing with the 100 push ups programme and I have reached the end of week 4. At the end of each week you complete an exhaustion test basically doing as many push ups as you can without going over the top and doing harm to yourself.

I managed 45 which is a new record for me! But sadly lacks behind my son Tom who hit 60 though I think he has been doing some secret training! When I look back at the last 4 weeks my progress is as follows:-

Exhaustion tests
  • week 2 16
  • week 3  36
  • week 4  45
 Press Up Sets every other day a session consists of 5 sets these have progressed from week 1 where I did a total of 53 to 160 in week 4

According to the Guinness Book of Records the record for non  stop push ups is 10,507 by Minoru Yoshida of Japan back in 1980.  The reason why this record has stood so long is because this record was dropped from the records books in favour of a 24 hour record where any athlete can have as many rest breaks as they like.

The new 24 hour record is held by Charles Servizio (USA) 46,001 in 1993 However this has been beaten by Jeffrey Warrick (USA), 46300 though the new record claim has not yet been verified.

The one year record is held by Paddy Doyle of Great Britain who did  1,500,230;  in 1989. If you have not heard of Paddy Doyle take a look at his records. He is said to be the world fitness endurance champion

There are loads more push ups records at

So what do push ups do for you ?

The push up is actually what is termed a 'total body' exercise. While it is known as an upper body exercise, it works more muscles than just the chest and the arms. You work your chest, shoulders, triceps, back and abs.

The following video is worth watching and shows just how much your form can suffer when you try and do multiple push ups. Full credit to the girl in the video  who shows great determination to do 100 push ups much more than I can do at the moment !

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