Thursday, May 04, 2006

Newton Suffolk


5pm 5 miles in 42 minutes

Week to date mileage 18

Month to date mileage 18

Average weekly rate 31.4

Average Monthly rate 137

Year to Date 557

Life time 8335

I parked my car at the Saracens Head at Newton in Suffolk. The village of Newton is about 3 miles from Sudbury on the A134 road to Colchester. The village is dominated on one side by Newton Green Golf Course and on the other side there are some wonderful properties many of them in suffolk pink.

To be honest the village suffers some what from the main road. On my run it was difficult to avoid the constant noise of the traffic on this busy road. I decided to head off towards the 14th century All Saints church in Newton. About half a mile down church road I came to a dead end with the church on one side and Newton Hall farm on the other there was no other choice but to return to the main road.

I decided to follow a footpath sign through the golf course but I could find no other signs and rather than get in the way of golf balls I retreated back to the main road. I ran to both ends of the village back and forth but never really found a path that I could follow for any length. I should have studied the ordance survey map explorer no 196 but on impulse I stopped here and thought I would easily pick up on a footpath. I could have done but I should have folowed a minor road throught he golf course and I could then have had a better run.

A beautiful village especially if you are a golfer then it is probably paradise.

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