Sunday, May 21, 2006

Ickworth Park Lady Herveys Wood


9am 10.2 miles in 1 hour 22 minutes 51 seconds

Week to date mileage 33

Month to date mileage 99

Average weekly rate 31.7

Average Monthly rate 138

Year to Date 638

Life time 8416

I couldn't resist returning to Ickworth Park having spotted a pathway yesterday that I thought might lead to a large lake in the woods. I ran through Adkins Wood but took a turning through the middle of the woods at firepoint 115 which lead me over to Lady Herveys Wood and the lake that I have never visited before in Ickworth Park. The lake appeared very shallow and I imagine is much less frequently visited than the main canal lake near the summer house.

On the OS Map it appears to be twice the size of the canal lake but it is difficult to get an impression of this as there only appears to be a pathway at one end of the lake though I am sure on another visit I will take a look to see if I can run around it.

After the lake through the woods there is a pontoon or duck board slate bridge over a wet section. The boards are somewhat bouncy and I thought I was going to put my foot through a board though I am sure they are stronger than they look. This is a wet section it appears there is a stream or an outlet from the Canal lake down to Lady Herveys Wood lake hence the duck boards.

You emerge from the woods into open fields and rolling countryside with excellent views of the Rotunda House and St Marys church. Eventually you arrive at the red brick walls that surround The Bothy. On a rise over the canal lake there is a well tended national trust vineyard , a summer house and the brick house called a bothy.

I ran around this lake and then returned past St Marys Church and out of the Ickworth Grounds before returning home.

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