Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Acton Suffolk


5pm 6 miles in 49 minutes 30 seconds

Week to date mileage 6

Month to date mileage 105

Average weekly rate 31.5

Average Monthly rate 137

Year to Date 644

Life time 8422

Tonight I parked the car at the village of Acton in Suffolk. Acton is a large village in the shadow of Sudbury and Long Melford. As it isn't on a main road of any consequence it is the sort of place you might never visit unless you had a direct cause to go there.

I parked nearby the Crown pub and set of towards All Saints Church. I passed the cricket ground and Acton Hall on a narrow path along the side of fields of oil seed. I took a right turn and arrived at Clay hall on the Slough Lane. I carried on along the minor road to reach School farm.

By this time the weather was threatening a heavy down pour but although it rained it was never that heavy.I ran up to Slough farm before returning along the same route back to Acton. At Acton I had a run around the village which has some impressive houses.

There is an excellent account of All Saints Church on Simons Suffolk Churches website.
There are so many stories linked to the history of Acton including the one about the Acton Miser. William Jennens inherited a vast fortune from his father who had made money from the Birmingham Iron Foundaries in the 17th century. He chose to live in an unfurnished basement at Acton Place. Never seemingly spending any money or receiving any visitors. It is said that when he died he was the richest man in England owning 2 million pounds the equivalent of 500 million today! I think Acton Place was destoyed after his death according to his will so I am not sure of the former location.

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