Friday, September 08, 2006

Horringer School /Hospital /Cullum rd Newmarket rd Bury St Edmunds

5.30pm 5.4 miles in 41 mins 1 seconds

Week to date mileage 5.4

Month to date mileage 13

Average weekly rate 30.0

Average Monthly rate 131

Year to Date 1077

Life time 9097

I am finding it a struggle to run at present. I have had a combination of a heavy cold and some sort of vertigo problem/ The vertigo problem came on during my holiday in Italy when on board a boat. Aparently vertigo can be brought on by motion sickness and leads to a feeling that the world is slightly swaying as if you are on board a boat all the time. It leaves you feeling rather nauseous and looking at a book or computer is difficult when it apppears to be moving.

I found this run very difficult and I wasn't sure once I had set out whether I should continue as the vertigo meant I felt as if I was running on board a ship in a storm.

So it was with great surprise that I ended up running a time of 41.01 which is by far my best time for this course. I didn't feel good or apreciate it in any way. It left me feeling that I perhaps need a longer rest but I will see what tomorrow brings.

1 Aug 06 41.45
28 July 06 42.25
17 July 06 42.46
13 June 06 42.08
11 May 06 43.21
27 Mar 06 42.41
8 Mar 06 42.13
24 Feb 06 42.33
16 Feb 06 44.0
10 Feb 06 41.50
2 Feb 06 42.38
17 Jan 06 42.50
10 Jan 06 42.52
1 jan 06 41.45
14 Dec 05 42.47

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  1. Hope your vertigo clears up soon.

    I've been looking at your Flickr pics and see you went to Sorrento on your hols. Made me want to go back (I think there might be a song about going back to Sorrento, LOL). I went there with my mum, the summer I was 15, and loved it. But if it's that boat to Capri you went on, I do sympathise. I can remember being told to breathe in went the boat went up and breathe out when it went down. But I still vommed over the side.

    I used to travel long distances by coach when I was younger as well (like all over Europe) and I can remember I used to go get a sort of vertigo for days after a long journey - particularly in bed at night - it'd feel like I was still moving.

    Have a rest for a while - but I am hoping to spot you running by one of these days :-)


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