Saturday, September 02, 2006

Bury Town v Brook House FAC

Bury Town v Brook House at the Ram Meadow
FAC Preliminary Round.

Bury Town hosted Brook House a team I have never heard of before and gave them a thrashing by 6-1. Brook House in non league pyramid terms are an equivalent side to Bury Town as far as I can see as they compete in a step 4 league The Southern and South West league.

Step 4 means there are 4 divisions for a side like Bury to climb should they ever wish to be able to play in the Coca Coca League Division 2. I still think of this league as being Division 4 if you imagine the Premier League is Division 1 the Championhip is Division 2 and so on ... confusing yes!So both Bury and Brook House play in Division 8 leagues.

Before the game their was a minute silence for Colin Hurley the Bury President who died this week. A familiar figure to anyone who has attended Bury games

After a fairly even start to the match the Brook House defense proved to be decidely weak as Bury carved open their defense time and time again with Cunningham hitting a hatrick and 2 goals from Bugg in the 1st half The pick of the goals for me was the free kick from Cunningham which was curled into the back of the net with the goalie left standing.The stuffing was knocked out of Brook House who had been a bit feisty in the tackle and willing to stick the boot in at times.

Just before half time a penalty was conceded which Bugg converted.

Buggs headed goal from a corner followed shortly after and before half time.

In the 2nd half a combination of Bury resting Cunningham and Bugg and a more competitive approach from Brook House resulted in a more even contest. Paynter was given a chance as sub and he looks a decent forward with some ability and he scored a nice volley.

Ironically when Brook House were down to 10 men having used all their subs and one of their players limped off they then scored a consolation goal.

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