Sunday, February 05, 2006

Lakenheath XC Suffolk 5

11am 5 miles in 41 minutes 11 seconds.

Week to date mileage 29

Month to date mileage 29

Average weekly rate 33.9

Average Monthly rate 147

Weather: Cold and grey

I decided to run the Lakenheath cross country five miler although I hadn't tapered my mileage in fact I have upped my mileage at the end of this

I was also a bit in two minds whether to do the race as it coincided with the East Anglian derby Norwich City v Ipswich Town which had the odd kick off time of 11.15am!

I reckon there was roughly 140 starters for the 5 miler and a good number for the fun run. The race start is from the Lakenheath Cricket Ground.

The weather was misty which meant little could be seen of the landscape in the distance.

Before the start the race organiser informed us to be careful out on the course as at the far end there were a number of badger setts with some pot holes to avoid.

The course was all of road and was mostly over farm track, sometimes over fields and up and down embankments. What I remember most was the fields of dead sweet corn. Whether this was a failed crop or had been picked but the plants left standing and not ploughed who knows?

This was an enjoyable run but I personally ran poorly my time was disappointing. I expected to get well under 40 minutes whether this was because it was across country or I simply ran slower I don't know a bit of both I expect.

Well done to the organisers for putting the event on. The pot holes were well marked with sand and low branches with tape.

When I finished the race I was back to the car for the football score and I found out that Ipswich were drawing 1-1 at half time.

On the drive back to Bury I listened to the match on Suffolk Radio and it was clear Ipswich were on top. I caught the end of the match on Sky just in time to see Ipswich score a deserved winner and the East Anglian bragging rights until next season.

I will post some more photos of the event on my flickr site when I get time during the week.


  1. cross-country is bound to have had an impact on your time. Ironically, I was watching the game!

  2. Anonymous10:07 am

    must say that i think your optimism for easily breaking 40 mins is a little misplaced since i don't think yur current training supports this. Yu need to be doing some faster/shorter runs..3/4 or 5 min intervals a good deal faster than your racing pace so that 8 min miling feels comfortable

  3. Thanks Edinburgh I daren't guess if you are a Hearts or Hibs fan? Both are going very well. For a short while they of course both had an Ipswich connection with George Burley at Hearts and Tony Mowbray and Mark Venus at Hibs.

    Anon- I guess you are right I am not doing enough quality sessions. I also don't follow any schedule. However this year I have upped my mileage and startered to include a hill session in my training. So I am hopeful of improvement.

  4. My dad's a Jambo, but I'm originally from Inverness so Inverness Caledonian Thistle are my team....

    I agree that you can expect some improvement simply by increasing mileage and introducing hillwork. Maybe not spectacular, but improvement nonetheless.


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