Sunday, February 19, 2006


Frustration is the name of the game!! Today I should have run at Bungay at a 20k race but I am unable to run at the moment. I woke on Friday with a bad back problem. I have pain in the spine which has meant I am currently struggling to stand up straight without pain.

I still tried and didn't give up on doing the run until Sunday morning. On Saturday and Sunday morning I tried to run and ventured out the front day only to go a few yards before I had to give in to pain from every step. Stupid really even to try as it probably hasn't helped me recover.

I have been in a bad mood every since Friday which again is silly but it is only when you have something taken away that you realise how much you take for granted. On Friday I was just hoping to be able to stand up straight instead of working around like a hunch back.

My February curse has struck again. Last year I had the flu and hardly ran in February.

Back pain isn't new to me. I can recall doing my back in about 18 years ago in the mundane act of changing a nappy. I know that sounds odd but I was tired and overstretched to reach a nappy and I had a big click in my back and ever since once or twice a year I have a reoccurence.

I have been to Gp's and to be honest this is always a waste of time as they always point out that there is no cure apart from rest and they always look at more in an accusing manor once they discover that you run. I am once again taking the musle relaxation tablets and hoping for recovery before next week when I ma supposed to be doing the nearly 10 in Bury. Looks doubtful at the moment!


  1. Ouch. Doubly annoying when its a race you miss.

  2. Sorry to hear that - how frustrating and annoying.

    Have you ever been to a physio? I went after I did my lower back in constantly bending into awkward positions to pick the kids up when they were smaller. Was given exercises based on pilates which were excellent.

    My husband would understand your frustration. He used to play hockey at a high level, but had a knee injury and replacement op which prevents him being able to play the same. He's not really supposed to play at all to be honest, but has just joined the Bury Mens' 5th hockey team and so far so good (although has spent one or two evenings with a bag of frozen peas on his knee).

    Wishing you a really speedy recovery with your back injury.

  3. Oh no it's no fun being injured I'm in the same boat although i've not got a back problem mine is a calf/shin problem. Hope you make a speedy recovery.
    I'd recomend going to see a chiropractor as there great for sorting back problems out.

  4. injuries suck!

    Hope you recover quickly!


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