Wednesday, February 01, 2006

January Statistics Reviewed

I managed my highest mileage in one month since I started blogging, a total of 146 miles beating my record for last year set in July, by a mile.

I set myself a target for the year of running 1500 miles at a target of 29 miles a week. In January I averaged 33 miles a week and I am up on my target at present.

Last January I ran 127 miles so I am pleased with my improvement in distance. I also have included a hill session in my training. Yes it was only the once but it was a start.

I ran 20 times during the month and my longest run of the year so far was a memorable run at West Stow 13 miles on the 15th of January.


  1. Are you planning any races?

  2. Hi Edinburgh

    Yes I am doing two races in Feb all being well. A 20k race in Bungay and a nearly 10 mile race in Bury St Edmunds. Both are said to have a fair number of hills.

    I only got back into running about a year ago and only ran 3 races last year. I hope to build on this and enter a few more races in 2006.

    What about yourself?

  3. Those races sound challenging - will be interested to see how you do.

    My plans are based around two marathons - Edinburgh in June and Loch Ness in October, with a couple of 10ks and half marathons thrown in. I'm back running after a frustrating couple of years of injury so I've set myself fairly easy targets for this season. If I can stay healthy I'll try to build on it next season.


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