Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Topiary Art Designs of Pakenham Suffolk

After a frustrating visit to Ickworth with the intention of visiting the House (closed on a Wednesday) we decided on a visit to Pakenham to the Water Mill. I can tell you that that also only opens on week ends and Thursday mornings. Our own fault for not looking this up before we ventured out.

However stumbled upon these elephants at Pakenham which are visually stunning and we had to stop the car to have a look. Instead of Suffolk we were suddenly with some imagination in Africa staring a herd of strolling elephants, very impressive.

There is an interesting website from the company Topiary Art Designs of Pakenham Suffolk, which has won many awards.


  1. Wow these elephants are amazing. Thanks for sharing this, I might have to take the children for a drive past, so far they get entertained by the tractor hire company in Pakenham, this would be the icing on cake. ;-D

  2. Several days later and we have been to see the elephants. Thank you so much for posting this...I've now spread the word, with a fab reference to your site. Thanks again ;-)


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