Friday, August 03, 2007

Abbey Gardens Bury St Edmunds and Moreton Hall

8am 8.1 miles in 1 hr 7 min 30 seconds

Week to date mileage 28 miles

Month to date mileage 14

Average weekly rate 29.9 miles

Average monthly rate 130

Year to date 920

Lifetime 10513

After a rest day yesterday I decided to run a little further distance today. I chose to run around the Abbey gardens and around Moreton Hall.

The Abbey gardens was fairly quiet and I ran around the park 1-2 before heading out along Eastgate Street and up around Moreton Hall.

The barley at Moreton Hall near the Sugar beet factory is looking ready for harvest any day. Where as the winter oil seed rape and many fields of wheat have already been harvested the barley remains standing for now with its long feathery appearance.

Back into the Abbey gardens via the bridge over the River Lark after doing the circular walk around No Mans meadow I was able to run around the park a bit more before running up Abbeygate Street and heading home


  1. Love your photos as ever. The barley looks lovely and your header photo is stunning! Have just seen your Rollerbury photos and can now understand why everyone misses it so much. Being a fairly recent newcomer to Bury, it was closed before I'd arrived. ;-(

  2. Thanks 21st , I was never very good at skating myself, but i remember going a fair amount. I do remember they used to run all nighters - skating through the night!


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