Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bury Nearly 10 & 20 Race Nowton Park Bury St Edmunds Suffolk


Some more photos from the race last Sunday. The start and finish of the race was in Nowton Park in an avenue of Lime trees. Give it another 2 weeks and there will be a very impressive display of daffodils hence the protective orange mesh netting.

The park is pretty much a victorian landscapers dream. Well worth a visit and a walk around the 2 mile circuit.


  1. Good photos as usual..enjoyed the suffolk railway station walks. I an into the book of Suffolk Walks..a pathfinder guide published by Jarold at present. My ainm is to finish all of them this year..i have done 12 out of 28 at present. Most of them can be done as a jog/walk.
    i am thinking of doing the Joe Cox 10 but in truth might be too far...otherwise will endeavour to do the Friday 5 series..happy runing Strider

  2. Thanks Strider hope to see more on your own site perhaps in time.

    I know the book you mean I haven't got that but I have done several of the walks by Geoff Pratt Riverside Walks and also walks from Pubs in Suffolk


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