Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Cullum Road/Ramada Hotel and Newmarket Rd Bury St Edmunds

5.30 pm 5.4 miles in 41 minutes 31 seconds.

Week to date mileage 5.4

Month to date mileage 32

Average weekly rate 30.7

Average Monthly rate 133

Lifetime mileage 8067

Weather: At last rain and a nice steady downpour.

I ran one of my my standard courses for a week day night until British Summer Time arrives which is always the last Sunday in March. This year it is the 26th of March and lasts until the last Sunday in October when we are plunged back in to evening darkness. This is when I get to run the same evening routes over and over again when I really want to get in to the country and over fields.

I really look forward to the longer days and it is very noticable now that the lighting up times are beginning to have an effect. Today sunrise was 6.33am and sunset was 5.49. Every day we gain about 5 minutes of extra light gained in the morning and evening . On the 25th March sunrise is 5.52am and sunset 6.19pm. The following day is BST and the longer day light evenings begin. On the 26th sunrise is 6.50am but sunset becomes 7.21pm.

Tonights run was a relaxed steady pace and not surprisingly I was within 3 seconds of my time I ran last week.

3 Mar 41.34
21 Feb 41.35
27 Jan 41.56
13 Jan 41.30
2 Jan 42.42
23 Dec 43.34
9 Dec 42.0
6 Dec 42.04
29 Nov 42.17

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