Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Beetons Way Hill Intervals Bury St Edmunds Suffolk

5.30pm 5.6 miles in 46 minutes 7 seconds

Week to date mileage 5.6

Month to date mileage 67

Average weekly rate 31.0

Average Monthly rate 135

Lifetime mileage 8102

Weather: Drizzle

I decided to do a hill session tonight and ran down to Beetons Way Hill near the West Suffolk Athletics Track. Here I did 10 repetitions up the hill from the nearest lamp post near the bridge to the black lamp post near the mini roundabout at the top of the hill.

My interval times were 58,60,58,56,57,60,56,56,56 and 51. As you can see from my times I went for it in my final climb and was a lot quicker.

I warmed down with a run around Westley Estate past the school and home.

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  1. Interesting set of strides...not many suitable hills in Bury.
    I've been attempting a similar thing in Nowton Park along the avenue of lime trees. Starting at the bottom path near to brick bridge up to the last big tree opposite a footpath sign..i jog for2 mins then go back. the uphill stride is often 8/10 seconds slower. I am trying to do them weekly up to 5 a present aiming to increase by one a month. Average time to date 1min39sec


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