Friday, March 17, 2006

Horringer School /West Suffolk Hospital /Cullum Rd & Newmarket Rd


5.45pm 5.4 miles in 41 minutes 54 seconds

Week to date mileage 17

Month to date mileage 78

Average weekly rate 30.8

Average Monthly rate 134

Lifetime mileage 8113

I ran a regular course tonight in a fairly decent time. One particular incident was unpleasant. Coming down Chalk Road which is quiet a steep hill I could see a car parked in the road. Obviously coming down the hill even for a slow coach like me you pick up a bit of speed. As I got closer to the car the door was suddenly opened wide and a boy who could only have been about 13 stood and seemed to block the way on purpose. This meant there was no way past except to run into the car or the boy. I had slowed but still ran into the boy for which I got a lot of abuse from the occupants in the car who had been laughing because their whole purpose was to prevent me getting past. No one was hurt but it was still unpleasant. I suppose I should have run over the top of the car I might have got a lot of praise for that.

Since Wednesday I have had technical problems using blogger which first meant I couldn't load any photos and then since yesterday I have been unable to access my blog at all. I just got a 403 message saying access was forbidden. All very frustrating but it appears to be back now.

I have included the photos I wanted to publish from Wednesdays run tonight though blogger isn't working in the same fashion as normal in the preview box as I can't view the photos I am including.

Looking ahead I think I may have a chance of still entering the Joe Cox 10 next Sunday at Stowmarket if I can get back from Cambridge in time. I just remember parking was a problem last time at the Stow Sports Centre but at the moment as long as I can register in the morning I shall be going.

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