Thursday, March 02, 2006

Horringer Farm Suffolk

4.30 pm 5.5 miles in 43 minutes 48 seconds.

Week to date mileage 12

Month to date mileage 5.5

Average weekly rate 30.1

Average Monthly rate 131

Lifetime mileage 8041

Weather: Cold bright sunshine and snow showers.

More daylight in the evenings has meant I have been able to return to an off road run around Horringer Farm.The course takes me along fields near by Horringer Court/School near to great Horringer Hall and then over to Lord Herveys Wood up and down Westley lane and return home through Horringer Court.

This was a lovely afternoon run and getting back to running over fields had me thinking of Spring and Summer being just around the corner.

The last time I ran this course it was a warm Autumn day and the ground was sticky. Today with the lack of rain the ground was frozen hard.

How did my time compare to last years ? Reasonable but room for improvement.

11. 21 Oct 42.44
10. 5 Oct 44.51
9. 27 Sep 44.30
8. 21 Sep 45.0
7. 16 Sep 43.22
6. 6 Sep 43.12
5. 15 Aug 44.46
4. 11 Jul 45.17
3. 31 May 44.13
2. 12 May 44.33
1. 11 Apr 45.02


  1. Don't race against yourself on your training runs - it would be tempting to push too hard.
    Mind you, I've done it loads of times, and am in no position criticising you ...

  2. Just dropped by to say hi :-) and thanks for the read

  3. Thanks Thomas. I guess its because I run virtually all of the time on my own and I find it all to easy not to push my self and run within a comfort zone. I know you are right but I just like to compare stats and get some kind of impression of whether I am improving. Once the clocks change for BST and I can get my camera out more I am generally stop/starting on runs and less occupied with the watch.

    Cheers joggerblogger


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