Monday, December 12, 2005

West Suffolk Athletics Track Bury St Edmunds

6.30pm 4 miles in 32 minutes .

Year to date mileage 1257

Month to date 61 miles

Average miles per month 110

Average weekly rate 25.4

Week to date 21

Weather: Dry not too cold for this time of year. I know I shouldn't tempt fate but where is the coldest winter for donkeys years?Seems fairly typical to me so far.

Tonight I returned to the track after some 3 weeks. I am struggling to get down there on a Wednesday night because of family commitments. Up to now I have given Monday nights at the track a wide berth as I know it is a shorter quicker track session which is something I struggle with having no sprinting speed at all.

Still with no sign that I can make Wednesdays in the near future I ventured down to give it a go. I was right to be a little cautious the interval session is a bit quick for me. The session consisted of the following 3 sets:

6 x 75 seconds with a minute recovery inbetween and then a 3 minute break
6 x 75 seconds with 45 seconds recovery and a 3 minute break
6 x 75 seconds with 30 seconds recovery .

I warmed up with 3 laps before and a lap afterwards.

For the first set I reckon I ran most of the intervals just over 300 meters. For the second set I also hit 300 meters comfortably . However during the last set I slowed and just managed 300 meters each time.

For the last 2-3 intervals I began to feel my right knee and I guess I should have pulled out but I hate not to complete a session so I completed but time will tell if that was sensible or not.

I think I have probably slightly over down it as this was my fifth run in five days and this is the first time this year I have run five consecutive days this year.Whilst it looks good in my diary and boosts the mileage it will be plain foolish if I find I have an injury and I can't run for a week. Oh well pride comes before a fall!

Hopefully all being well I will continue to give Monday nights a go at the track. I do want to do an interval session once a week but for me it isn't the best night as I like to do my long run on the Sunday so this means 2 of the quality sessions on consecutive days.

There was a very good turn out especially from the young St Edmunds Pacers which is great to see in December when there are so many other alternative attractions on offer.


  1. Hello. Sorry, I realised I didn't answer your question about the best marathon to do in the US. I've only done the 3 big ones - NY, Chicago and Boston. They each have different things to recommend them. If you're looking for sheer spectacle - NY, if you're looking for a fast time - Chicago, and if you're looking for prestige - Boston. Personally I'm dying to do Chicago again, but that's because I had such a good experience. Hope that helps!

  2. Thanks Yvonne. Its a dream at the moment as I don' think I am ready for that kind of distance. However one day I will.

    I particularly liked the NY Marathon video on this is just inspiring.

    New York would really appeal I would love to visit some of the places mentioned by the Ramones in their songs.


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