Monday, December 05, 2005

Bra in a tree


Every picture tells a story. Well what is the story behind this one?

Whilst out for my run yesterday I spotted this in a tree. I just had to stop and take a picture as it is not every day you see a bra in a tree.

I looked around but the owner was no one where to be spotted unfortunately.

Why would anyone deposit their bra in a tree?

Have you spotted anything unusual when you have been on a run?

Lets have your best suggestions as to the possible story of the bra in a tree!


  1. A possible weapon left behind by a slingshot hunter after capturing her prey. LOL...


  2. LOL buryblue, we obviously have a female Incredible Hulk in the vicinity. The reason you didn't see her was that she was probably standing disguised against some nearby greenery. I wonder who she is? It could even be a fellow runner who suddenly got very angry and transformed in mid jog. Actually that doesn't look like a sports bra ;-) I still go with the Hulk theory though. I often used to wonder what would happen if David Banner had been female. Now we know. Ruby.

  3. Yes I doubt it was a runner but you never know. Removing your bra on a run could be very liberating and I would suggest should be actively encouraged!


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