Saturday, September 03, 2005

Westley Village


9am 7.2 miles in 1hour 21 seconds.

Year to date mileage 834.

Month to date 25 miles

Average miles per month 103

Average weekly rate 23.7

Weather: Hot and sunny

Course: I didn't really follow one to day. I had plans to do so but running through Westley is too difficult. Fornham Lane in Westley village is a bit of a 'rat run' for traffic coming off the main A14 who want a short cut through to the west of Bury or Horringer. I gave up my original plan for an out and back run and instead returned to Bury via a footpath which took me past Westley School.

At this point I meet the same guy walking his dog who I had said Good Morning to about 20 mins previous on my run. I again got no reaction, not a word in fact he just looked at me with an angry stare.

I always saying hello or good morning when I am out on a run, sometimes I am beaten to it and someone will say hi to me. However it is always a very mixed reaction some people will speak others don't. Of course people don't have to speak but to me this is just a courtesy. It can be a little odd when someone doesn't speak particularly when I am running in the middle of nowhere and I pass the only person walking along a path.

On the same run this morning I said hello to a family who looked at me as if I had just arrived from Planet Mars. I will try and count the number of people who do say hello on one of my runs just for interest. Maybe it is just a reflection of society where we don't talk to strangers.

Once back to Bury I ran a quicker mile to the Falcon Pub in 7.44.

The picture of the church at Westley is St Marys. This was built in the 1830's apparently to replace the original church of St Thomas a Beckets which had been damaged by a tower collapsing in the 18th century. The site of St Marys is on a small hill top and was apparently chosen so that the Marquis of Bristol could have something to look at from his stately home at Ickworth

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