Friday, September 16, 2005

Horringer Farm Circular Run Bury St Edmunds


6pm 5.5 miles in 43.22.

Year to date mileage 898.

Month to date 88 miles

Average miles per month 105

Average weekly rate 24.3

Weather: Dry,sunny but cool with a breeze.

One of my regular favourite short distance routes over Horringer Farm. Many parts of the pathway have now been ploughed over so I found I was running over the fields. The ground was also quite sticky after the recent rains.

The field above has yet to be ploughed and you can see the green grassy tinge to the corn stubble. A very Autumn feel to the weather - quite cool in the breeze.

I have put in 3 good weeks of training in preparation for the Tarpley 10 on Sunday week running a total of 40, 33 and 38 miles. I will need to cut back a bit next week before the race.

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