Thursday, September 08, 2005

My Favourite CD's - 6th in a Series


The Undertones

Another of my favourite bands. The Undertones first album was relaesed in 1979. They were a a bunch of kids from Derry who started of wanting to be Irelands answer to the Ramones. I saw them play in Cambridge I think in 1981 and they did include 1 or 2 Ramones songs in their set.

This is a great pop/punk album with some well known singles which achieved some success. Teenage Kicks was their break through as I well remember John Peel playing this song over and over on his Radio 1 show when he played punk from 10pm to 12pm every week day night.

Here comes the Summer says its all really it is the 'Beach Boys go Punk' a fantastic summer song.

Then there is of course two other singles that were released from this album Get Over You and Jimmy Jimmy.

Track Listing Family Entertainment , Girls Don't Like It, male Model, Gotta Getta, Teenage Kicks, Wrong way, Jump Boys, Here Comes the Summer, Get Over You, Billy's Third, Jimmy Jimmy, True Confessions, Shes a Runaround, I Know A Girl ,Listening In ,Casbah Rock


  1. seagull11:50 am

    hello buryblue,

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    Btw, Running in Suffolk is an interesting weblog.


  2. Yikes, time to turn on your spam deflector - the word ID on the dashboard :)

    I've heard of this band, thanks for the rec. I'll check them out!

  3. Thanks for the tip seagull and wil, hopefully I have correctly switched on the word verification to block the junk.

    I am sure if you play the undertones on your mp3 you will run 10 seconds per mile faster!

  4. Class group, bought all their singles, my fave being 'teenage kicks' of course.May be going to see them at the Liverpool Irish festival.


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