Friday, June 02, 2006

Bury St Edmunds Friday 5 Nowton Park


7.30pm 5 miles in 37 minutes 23 seconds

Week to date mileage 16.4

Month to date mileage 5

Average weekly rate 31.4

Average Monthly rate 136

Year to Date 686

Life time 8464

Tonight I took part in the Bury Friday 5 organised by the Saint Edmunds Pacers at Nowton Park. The weather was good, dry and a little warmer than earlier in the week.

There seemed to be a very good turn out for both the juniors and adult race. Approximately 500 took part in the adult race. The race is the 2nd in the Suffolk Friday 5 mile series of races.

The course tonight was apparently one of the harder ones in the series. It certainly wasn't flat. With the big numbers it took a few seconds to reach the start and I started my watch from the orange line on the grass.

The first mile and a bit was within Nowton Park over grass with some fairly tight turns and narrow sections. It was impossible to avoid constantly running in and out between people so it made it difficult to relax into any kind of easy rhythm at the start of the race. The first marker reached showed I had run 7.32 which I was happy with but it felt as if I had put in extra effort to achieve this over the grass.

The second mile took as out of the park and along Fox Pin Mill Lane before turning left on a flat section which steadily started to climb up to High Greene. I thought the 2nd mile was the toughest on the course and it was my slowest mile which I ran in 8.05.

The 3rd mile continued up hill before running through a farm which was fairly muddy but by now the course had begun to level out and we started to descend. My time was still slow for the 3rd mile which I ran in 7.53. The 4th mile had a lot of good downhill and flat stretches and it was a chance to catch up on lost time and I ran a 7.09 mile.

My final mile again carried on down hill and has a final stretch in Nowton park which has a downhill gradient amongst the Elm trees. I finished with a 6.42 mile.

My overall time of 37.23 was 23 seconds slower than my last 5 mile race at the Sudbury 5 in April but this course was constantly variable meaning you never really could get in to any steady pace. I think this is reflected in my mile splits which were all over the place

Mile 1 7.32
Mile 2 8.05
Mile 3 7.53
Mile 4 7.09
Mile 5 6.42

At the end of the race the juniors received a nice boxed memento and the adults a teeshirt. The drinks station was well handled by Sarah, Sam and Abigail.

I will post more pictures on the flickr site as per normal.

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