Sunday, June 04, 2006

Saxongate Water Meadows Bury St Edmunds


4.20pm 10 miles in 1 hour 20 minutes 2 seconds

Week to date mileage 34

Month to date mileage 23

Average weekly rate 31.8

AverageMonthly rate 138

Year to Date 704

Life time 8482

I was still feeling tired as I set out on this run and a little unsure where I was going to go. The weather changed and turned to showers but it was very pleasant and personally I don't mind rain whilst running.

I set of towards Horringer Farm and did a complete circuit of the fields. I would have gone on to Ickworth Park but the road looked busy in the rain so I decided to head back into town. I took the path opposite the Spread Eagle Pub which leads through to the new housing in Cathedral Meadows.

I spent the rest of my run visiting the various footpaths around the water meadows. Some of them are on latched gates and there are mown grassy paths surrounded by dense foilage of wild flowers and trees. Elsewhere you can often run with the water lapping around your ankles as the paths are prone to flood . It is an absolutley beautiful site and a great credit to the many volunteers who have and continue to work on this important restoration project.

Next Sunday really at a whim I have decided to enter the City of Norwich Half Marathon.

This is really a bit too far for me based on my level of training but it presents an opportunity to go shopping in Norwich with the family. It is a run over the border in Norfolk and a chance for me to promote Suffolk and Ipswich Town! I will be as popular as bird flu to Bernard Matthews turkies.


  1. Footnote10:19 pm

    Given all the running you're doing I can't see that you'll have a problem with Norwich - particularly if you're being chased by the City supporters!

    Similar to you my Bury splits were all over the place.

  2. Thanks footnote. Are you doing any of the other races in the 5 mile series?

  3. Good Luck with the half on Sunday. Say, are Ipswich Town supporters actually allowed to enter Norwich? Anyway, you did 10 miles on Sunday, so you'll definitely be ok.

  4. Footonote12:36 am

    I'm entered for all the races in the series.
    2nite I did the Jaffa 5 over its new course (err... well, the same as last year).

    My slowest ever 5 mile run.
    I hate this course - steep hill at the start and at the end on a narrow cross-country track.

    Probably one to miss next year (but maybe I could narshal and support Jaffa....)

    Are you entered for any more?


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