Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cockfield Suffolk


5pm 6 miles in 48 minutes 42 seconds

Week to date mileage 6

Month to date mileage 90

Average weekly rate 31.5

AverageMonthly rate 137

Year to Date 771

Life time 8549

The village of Cockfield is about 6 miles from Bury St Edmunds. I came of the A134 at Windsor Green which is south east of Bury on the road to Sudbury. After about a mile I parked near Birds Lane and headed of and soon reached the the Plough and Fleece on the large village green called Great Green . Cockfield is a village full of greens and it is rather confusing for a visitor to know when you are actually in the village. It doesn't appear to really have a village centre as such.

At Great Green this almost appears to be a separate village in its own right it has the pub and a cricket pavilion and a good number of houses surround the green.

I headed on to a field pathway which took me over to Church Farm before coming back into Cockfield. I then found a path which took me to Palmers Farm and directions to Bulls wood nature reserve. I must admit never having heard of Bulls Wood and any look at the OS Map Explorer 211 well show why I suspect it is infrequently visited compared to its very popular neighbour at Bradfield Woods. Whereas Bradfield is on a road and has a carpark, Bulls Wood is accessible only by walking from Cockfield or Thorpe Green to reach it and parking seemed a little uncertain. You can park at Palmers farm and then walk to the woods though there was no one there when I visited.

I shall visit again as there is a clear pathway which runs between Bulls wood and Bradfield Woods via a place called Colchester Green. The wood itself was very interesting the pathways are marked but not suitable for any disabled/wheelchair visitors. The place is full of deer apparently though being so dark and lush green in vegetation I didn't see any. It is an ancient wood dating back I believe a 1000 years.

I returned back into Cockfield and decided to do a few interval faster sprints 30 seconds fast 30 seconds recovery for 5 minutes along Birds Lane before finishing and returning to the car

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