Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Bradfield Woods Suffolk


2.30pm 7.5 miles in 1 hour

Week to date mileage 19

Month to date mileage 103

Average weekly rate 31.7

AverageMonthly rate 138

Year to Date 784

Life time 8562

I travelled out to Bradfield Woods on the A134 about 4 miles from Bury on the Sudbury road. Bradfield Woods is between Bradfield St George and Felsham. It is only 2-3 miles from where I was on Tuesday at Bulls Wood and I had the intention of following an out and back path so as to lead me back to Bulls Wood.

However I took an entirely wrong path which took me on a path around the perimeter of the woods. This is another ancient woodland dating back at least 700 years. It is ideal for disabled visitors and wheelchairs as a lot of hard work has gone on here to create nice flat sandy paths on some of the colour coded pathways.

When I emerged from the woods I expected to quickly find another wood caled Monkspark but instead after running through a field I passed by a smaller Glebe Wood. Continuing on through fields fields I eventually came to the FelshamRoad and headedin the direction of Cockfield. I passed by numerous farms including Rookery,Quakers and Stone Farm.

As I had clearly lost my way I returned by the same path back to Bradfield Woods. I ran around more of the paths and in doing so came across the public footpath which runs through the woods which is the path I should have taken but I will know next time.

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