Saturday, September 01, 2007

Nice Award

I recently received a nice award from 21st century mum for my photos which I am grateful to receive and will sit on the mantelpiece in pride of place as I don't have any others.

This got me thinking about the word nice which most of us use but I remember being told to avoid using when at school. Using the word nice was showing a lack of creativity and use of English language I remember a Mr Potter telling me as in the greeting ' Have a Nice Day'

Anyway when you search on Nice the main links are to the sunny resort in the South of France where I have spent a few nights on the cobble stone beach. Nice is a nice resort and one I would happily visit anytime. I then came to Nice biscuits which I don't like much - not great for tea dunking and a bit hard and sugary

The next site of interest relating to Nice which I do like is Nice Cup of Tea and A sit
Take a look and you will see reviews on Biscuit of the Week , fruit cakes and tea. The biscuit section is impressive reviewing what must be 200 different biscuits including perhaps not a biscuit but one of my favorites Sarah Nelsons Gingerbread.


  1. Was Mr Potter at St Edmundsbury? I remember one from one of my schools?

  2. Nice post Buryblue...and yet again another nice photo...and I love the Nice Cup of Tea and A Sit Down site. Lovely ;-D

  3. You are right Mr Potter was at St Edmundsbury I think he was more of a maths teacher.

    I remember he used to keep a slipper in the top shelf of one of his cupboards in the classroom and getting 5 on the hands for some misdemeanor.

    he also liked to fling chalk around at anyone who he didn't think was paying attention.

    And many a time I spent standing in a corner looking at the wall.

    he also liked the whole class to fold arms backwards

    My other memory was some odd paper shortage. We were encouraged by Mr Potter to save paper and to write in extremely small writing so as to cram in several hundred words on a page.

    He was also a good maths teacher and probably one of the best things I learnt from him was the times tables we all had to stand up and recite the 12 x tables must be one of the best things I learnt at school,

    So were you a a St edmundsbury school girl?

  4. BB - I was a St Ed's girl but never found out for myself about Mr Potters slipper!! Did you know Miss Cutmore is STILL around and she taught both my parents too!


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