Sunday, September 09, 2007

Anglo Saxon Village at West Stow Country Park


Although I have visited West Stow Country park I have never been inside the Anglo Saxon Village. So today was a first and a really interesting visit.

Around this area and Lackford much gravel extraction has taken place and back in the 1960's the discovery of West Stow was made. Following excavations an Anglo Saxon settlement dating to the fifth century was uncovered with sufficient rotting timbers to enable some experimental archeology to take place. The experiments are to try and recreate Anglo Saxon life and the type of houses that were built.

In recent years the village is lived in by resident Anglo Saxon villagers in period clothing though not to the extent of somewhere like Kentwall hall as i saw an Anglo Saxon with a Tesco's bag!

You can see some Gloucester shire Old Spot Pigs living a life of absolutely luxury in a big pig home besides some well tended crops of veg that would have been cultivated at this time.

There is also an Anglo Saxon centre with displays illustrating life during the fifth, sixth and seventh centuries.

As a bonus there was a small food market with a range of local food products with some good local honey.

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  1. I was there that very day and could have walked past you - how bizarre, you might even be on some of my photos. I am going to have to have a closer look ;-D


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