Thursday, July 26, 2007

Chicken News

We are now up to 3 eggs a day since Antony Worrall Thompson started to lay and we have had some 60 odd eggs. Some of these have been double yokes. Also the size of the eggs seems to have have improved and we are now getting large eggs.

Antony lays the lovely brown eggs in this photo. The other nameless birds which are Speckled Hen and Blue Girl (for want of any names at the moment) lay light brown and white eggs respectively.

With 60 eggs the cost per egg for our initial outlay buying the chicken house and run , food and of course chickens now works out at about £9 each.


  1. How did that poor hen end with such an unfortunate name?
    Like the heart shaped egg dish.

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  3. I am afraid the name came from my son who links AWT's ginger beard with the colour of our brown chicken.

  4. £9 per egg! I daren't work out the egg-unit cost of ours - but what price can you put on the pleasure of watching hens free ranging round the garden. Perfect relaxation therapy!

    Another Suffolk hen-keeper!


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