Saturday, December 02, 2006

Adkins Wood Ickworth Park

8am 9.2 miles in 1 hr 15 mins 24 secs

Week to date mileage 22 miles

Month to date mileage 9

Average weekly rate 29.9 miles

Average monthly rate 130

Year to date 1436

Lifetime 9456

After last nights heavy rain I decided to venture out to Ickworth Park and run a circuit of Adkins Wood. It was certainly muddy in the wood and as a result I had the place to myself.
Finally with a combination of some heavy winds and rain the leaves have begun to fall although it is still mild and we are on course for the warmest year recorded in Britain. At the lake in Lady Hervey's Wood all was quiet and I sped on over the duck boards many of which have now been broken so I had to tred gingerly to avoid going into the bog below.

I soon reached the Canal Lake which had been invaded by a large number of seagulls.

I continued past the Canal Lake up hill to the now redundant St Marys Church.

Before I left Ickworth Park I passed this toad stool fairy ring. Fungi has the habit of growing outwards from a central spore point so in many ways it is natural to see rings like this though it is still magical.

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