Saturday, July 08, 2006

Little Welnethum Suffolk


8am 11.4 miles in I hr 32 mins 43 seconds

Week to date mileage 33

Month to date mileage 50

Average weekly rate 32.1

Average Monthly rate 140

Year to Date 867

Life time 8645

I ran out on the A134 road from Bury St Edmunds to Sicklesmere then just beyond the Rushbrooke Arms I turned left into Little Welnethum village.

The odd thing about the Rushbrooke Arms is that of course this pub is clearly in the village of Sicklesmere and Rushbrooke is about a mile away over the Hawkers Lane. I once was going to meet family and friends and was told to meet them at the Sicklesmere Wagon. I think we spent half an hour looking for the pub that no longer exists because the Sicklemere Wagon is now the Rushbrooke Arms. Strangely the village of Sicklesmere isn't listed in the publication called 'A survey of Suffolk Parish History' or Arthur Mee's 'The Kings England' -Why what is the history of Sicklesmere. As you run through it what is always odd is that the villages of Great and Little Welnethum have their welcome to their village signs actually in Sicklesmere?!

I ran up hill through a wooded plantation to St Mary of Magdalene and then picked up a path called parsonage lane which I presumed would take me to the road to Rushbrooke. Trouble was I went right instead of left along a very straight roman road and I ended up coming back into Lt Welnethum. From here I retraced my steps back to Sicklesmere and Bury.

A good run but ultimately getting lost spoilt my plans for a circular run but another time I think I will be ok with this route.

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  1. I saw that smiley face on the road sign a while ago, and it made me laugh as we went past it :-)


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