Monday, July 17, 2006

Bury St Edmunds Horringer School /Hospital /Cullum rd Newmarket rd

5.30pm 5.4 miles in 42 minutes 46 seconds

Week to date mileage 5.4

Month to date mileage 89

Average weekly rate 32

AverageMonthly rate 139

Year to Date 906

Life time 8684

Incredibly hot tonight. Although it was 5.30pm it was still around 90c when I set of and I wondered if I would complete. I was tempted to give up after a mile as this felt as hot as when I ran the Norwich half marathon but it was that thought that if I can complete this kind of distance then there should be no problem running 5 miles in this heat.

On the radio today somebody claimed that this kind of temperature will be a cool day in England come the end of the century. I won't be around but you do hear these theories a lot either the coming of the ice age or global warming. The facts are though that average temperatures are increasing each year and these means runners will need to get used to running in heat.

Previous times on this course are as follows

13 June 06 42.08
11 May 06 43.21
27 Mar 06 42.41
8 Mar 06 42.13
24 Feb 06 42.33
16 Feb 06 44.0
10 Feb 06 41.50
2 Feb 06 42.38
17 Jan 06 42.50
10 Jan 06 42.52
1 jan 06 41.45
14 Dec 05 42.47

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