Sunday, July 02, 2006

Bury St Edmunds Town Centre


8am 6.2 miles in 49.33

Week to date mileage 35

Month to date mileage 18

Average weekly rate 31.9

Average Monthly rate 139

Year to Date 834

Life time 8612

An early morning town centre run. I ran along Kings Road and possibly with Englands defeat in my mind was reflecting on what might have been and the past. Kings Road has lots of memories for me and I will post a number of pictures of buildings which had former past glories now often long forgotten on my flickr site in due course.

The Hanchet Monumental Stone and Marble Works is one example of a building in Kings Road of fine craftsmenship and it certainly always impresses me.

At the Abbeygate the army were out in full force with some serious miltary hardware on display. I took a picture or two of these before continuing on around the town centre taking pictures of very familar sights such as the Corn Exchange which of course is no longer acting as corn exchange, the Boer War Statue and the bunting on display down St Johns Street. I ran up Springfield Road where there are some lovely poppies growing against the postbox.

Today I could only manage a short run as I was setting out for Ipswich Music Fair.

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  1. I also always like the marble works - apparently the Bury Free Press was printed in there for a while, too, but the paper no longer owns the building now. I'm not sure who does, but it doesn't appear to be being used for anything.


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