Monday, April 17, 2006

Woolpit and Drinkstone Suffolk


8am 7 miles in 57 minutes

Week to date mileage 36

Month to date mileage 80

Average weekly rate 31.7

Average Monthly rate 138

Year to Date 480

Life time 8258

I drove out to Woolpit which is about 8 miles from Bury St Edmunds on the A14 road to Stowmarket. I parked at the recreation ground near St Marys Church and headed through the village soon picking up a pathway across Bishop Karney Green to Drinkstone. There are good footpaths here and I would certainly return. I encountered a fox and we both stood still just for a second but in my haste I took a shaky picture.

At Drinkstone I ran through the village to visit All Saints church before following a path through the graveyard which took me aptly to Deadmans lane. At the bottom of this land you arrive at Rookery farm where there are the remains of two windmills neither now with sails.

The white building in the photo is the postmill. It is believed to date from 1689 however further research now suggests it may be the oldest in the country as some of the timbers date back to 1543.

This location was used in 1970 for an episode of the comedy Dads Army - There is a link for more details of the windmill here.

I ran back through Drinkstone and headed out towards Tostock but I only reached as far as Ticehurst House before retracing my steps back to Woolpit.

Woolpit is a lovely village and a place I have regularly visited for its annual fair and in days gone by it had a great reputation for its fish and chip shop. Many a time returning from Ipswich I have stopped off at Woolpit for its fish and chips but not in recent years.

Woolpit has a legend which many people may have heard regarding the green children. So the storey goes in the 12th century a boy and girl appeared in the village one day who were entirely green. Their skin and clothes were all green. Neither of the children could speak English or would eat the food offered to them. Eventually however the boy died but the girl survived and learnt some of the English language but no one knows where the children came from. There are many books on this storey more details are here.

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