Wednesday, April 05, 2006

West Suffolk Athletic Track Session

6.15 pm 6.2 miles in 50 minutes 3seconds

Week to date mileage 12

Month to date mileage 26

Average weekly rate 31.4

Average Monthly rate 137

Weather - dry cold

Tonights track session consisted of 3 sets all to be run at 5k pace. First set was 4 x 3 minutes intervals, second set was 3 x 3 minute intervals and the last set was 2 x 3 minute intervals. There was a bout 3 minutes recovery between each set and a minute between each interval.

The secret was to run a consistent pace for all over this pyramid session. This is easier said then done but generally I was happy that I achieved this and I pretty much finished on the same point of the track each time.

I warmed up by running about a mile from home and then I did 4 laps around the track. I finished by running home.

Now that it is light it is even more enjoyable running on this track and we are very lucky to have such a facility in Bury.


  1. Anonymous9:55 pm

    The track is very nice in bury do you know if you can use it at other times when it it not a club night?

  2. Yes this is my understanding though I have never done it. I believe you need to call and pay in advance I think about £2-3 for an hourly session. Alternatively why not come down on a Pacers Club night. You don't have to be a member in fact several people always attend who don't belong to clubs or belong to other clubs. If you arrive at 6.30 pm on a Mon or Wed it will cost you £2 as a non member of the Pacers. You are then free to join in with the planned training or to do your own thing .


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