Saturday, April 01, 2006

Hardwick Park


8.30 am 6.8 miles in 55 minutes

Week to date mileage 29

Month to date mileage 6.8

Average weekly rate 31.3

Average Monthly rate 136

Weather - April showers - a heavy rain shower meant I got soaked but it was mild and quite enjoyable.

Todays run was a circuit around Hardwick Park. Out the very back of the park I picked up on a pathway that I haven't spotted before which runs parallel to the Hencote Lane which I regularly run.

There is semi permanent scout camp site which is marked with a gate saying no entrance which I ran through as it was wide open. You can lost in this wood with the amount of pathways but this time I did pick up on the path which is the St Edmunds Way.

This quickly joins the Hencote Lane which is the Bury to Clare path and I was back on a familar pathway.

I returned back to Hardwick Park and visited the lake and then ran along Hardwick Lane to the Horsecroft Road and back home.

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