Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Swan at Lavenham


No run today instead I needed to make a visit to the Swan at Lavenham where my son is about to start work. The drive was just to familiarise him with the road to Lavenham. Have a look at the Swan Hotel website at the rooms and the menu it dates back to the 1400's.

Anyone who visits Lavenham will know how well preserved many of the tudor buildings are and it is almost a time trip back to the days of the wool merchants of East Anglia. There are apparently over 300 listed buildings in Lavenham.

I will return another day for a run to explore this beautiful village.For now one or two pictures. Can there be a more beautiful estate agents in the country than this one shown in the picture? Lavenham has a good website and its own message board .

This message board is part of the UK villages on line network.

1 comment:

  1. Well, it does depend on how you like your beauty. Personally I find parts of Canary Wharf beautiful! This estate agent's house is OK ... for a house in a village.

    Love the blog, carry on!



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